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Laser Dentistry in Edmonton

The ultimate choice for comfortable care. We provide laser treatment for deep cleaning, cavity removal, gum contouring, and more.

  • Gentle Cold Lasers for Soft Tissue Healing
  • Powerful Hard Tissue Lasers for Cutting & Cleaning
  • Available Direct Billing

Goodbye, dental drill

We use high frequency dental lasers to make treatments like oral surgery, cold sore therapy (HSV), and periodontal debridement more comfortable. It can replace traditional cutting or drilling, giving you the benefits of:

  • Little to no anesthetic needed
  • Fewer visits & shorter recovery
  • Minimal tissue irritation or bleeding

Our laser dentistry treatments

Deep Cleaning

Reduce inflammation and gum disease risk by clearing away tartar buildup.

Cavity Removal

Clean decayed tooth areas and harden the filling for a boost in durability.

Root Canal Therapy

Save your tooth by scouring harmful bacteria from deep within its roots.

Teeth Whitening

Remove stubborn stains and see a brighter smile in as little as an hour.

Biopsy Sampling

Quickly and painlessly retrieve tissue samples for biopsies and lab work.

Lesion Removal

Remove irritating or problematic sores without affecting nearby tissue.

Lasers for hard and soft tissue

With multiple laser treatment devices here at Oliver Park Dental, you can bring the comfort of laser treatment to more areas of your oral health.

  • Compact treatment tool - no awkward mouth stretches!
  • Soothing water cooling for hard tissue treatments
  • Cold laser for gentle soft tissue care

Wondering if your insurance covers laser treatment?

We can check with your provider to help you find out how much coverage you’re eligible for.

Continuing to invest in your care

Dr. Dwayne Olatonade believes that technology can make dental care better. Not just more effective — better overall, from speed to safety and comfort.

A cone beam CT scanner for more precise surgery. A 3D printer for quicker denture replacements. And, of course, our laser treatment equipment. They’re all part of our commitment to investing in your oral healthcare.

We make dental care accessible

Group 10

Direct billing for most providers

Group 1090

Early, late, and weekend hours

Group 7

Booking online or by phone

Group 8

Available dental sedation

Laser Dental Treatment FAQ