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The protection of the environment for future generations is a responsibility we assume proudly at Oliver Park Dental. We are committed to integrating eco-consciousness and green practices in minimizing our practice’s carbon footprint.

What Makes Us an
Eco-Friendly Dental Care Provider?

We’re dedicated to protecting the environment whenever possible. We strive to continuously offer the very best services possible while also working closely with you to create an outstanding level of environmentally friendly care.

One of the ways we do this is through our LEED Green Certified Building. These buildings, which are not readily in place for most dental practices, offer a healthier indoor environment for each of our clients. This is because there is a significant improvement in air quality while indoors.


• LEED Gold Certification from Canada Green Building Council

• Digital Charting and X-rays minimizing paper usage

• Trios Digital Impressions eliminate the waste from traditional impression material and models

• Micyrlium Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

• Live Green Wall acts as a natural humidifier and filter

The Benefits of
Eco-Conscious Technology

Less harmful products – you and your family are not exposed to toxic chemicals that are commonly found in most dental offices.

More natural daylight present – sunshine is always good for you and it improves your mood while also allowing us to use less energy within the office!

Indoor air quality is significantly improved – this helps to reduce the risk of pollutants and irritants entering your lungs.

But, We Don’t Stop There!

We have a wide range of additional eco-friendly amenities and procedures in place to further protect you. For example, we aim to do all we can to reduce the amount of waste we produce. While we ensure your environment is safe and clean, we don’t waste product. This is done to keep material out of landfills.

We also do all we can to conserve energy. As mentioned, one way we do this is by using more natural light. We also work hard to decrease the amount of water consumption in our building. Water is valuable – too valuable to be used inappropriately or wasted.

We incorporate innovative solutions whenever we can. As one of the best dentists Edmonton residents have available to them, we know the importance of always using the latest innovations and technology. We strive to offer innovative solutions that are also eco-friendly.

Why Do We Focus on Eco-Conscious Decisions?

While we believe, at Oliver Park Dental, that all of these things are good for the environment, we also recognize the benefits that it offers for YOUR bottom line as well. The fact is, each of these innovative solutions are all about affecting your bottom line. It helps us to do a better job while also working hard to reduce your costs.