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Sedation Dentistry

How would you like to go to the dentist completely relaxed? Wouldn’t it be great to sit down in the dentist’s chair with no fear or anxiety? Tons of people have issues when they go to the dentist, whether it be pain related, anxiety, sensitive teeth or an easily trigger gag reflex. Your dentist wants to make your visit as easy as possible and this is where dental sedation can come in. Two easy procedures can make a world of difference and might even have you rethinking your opinion on the dentist.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous Oxide is commonly used in children and those who have dental anxiety. A mask is placed over your nose and you breathe in for a bit. Soon you’ll begin to feel relaxed and a little euphoric, which can lead to feeling giggly which is why Nitrous Oxide is commonly known as laughing gas. Your dentist can easily control the flow of gas and you should be conscious the entire time. You can also easily let your dentist know to increase the dosage if you still feel pain or decrease the dosage if you start to feel nauseous or otherwise uncomfortable. After your dental visit is over you shouldn’t have any long-lasting effects and you will most likely be able to drive home to resume your day.


Oral Sedation

A more advanced form is oral sedation. All you have to do is take a pill about an hour or so before your procedure and the dosage typically varies based what kind of work you are having done. The pill will make you feel drowsy and relaxed, although you should remain awake. In some cases, though you might get so comfortable that you fall asleep in which case a light shake will wake you up at the end of your visit. After your visit, you might still be a little groggy so it’s recommended you come with someone else to safely get you home.

Skipping out on routine dental visits can be harmful to your health so whichever method you and your dentist choose, it should help make the dreaded dentist visit a thing of the past.

Both of these forms of conscious sedation also help to decrease the gag reflex. If you gag easily, your days of dreading a trip to the dentist can now be over. Conscious sedation by either method is also ideal if you have sensitive teeth or a low pain threshold, or if you just find it hard to sit in the dentist’s chair for an extended period.

We understand and acknowledge any anxieties you have,

and we take care of them so that we can move on to provide you with excellent dental care, whether you want implants or to get your teeth cleaned.