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Neuromodulator Injections in Edmonton

Our neuromodulator injectables provide you with an effective, minimally-invasive option for treating dental issues like teeth clenching/grinding, TMJ-D, headaches, myofacial pain, or a combination of them.

Book a complimentary consultation to find out how a personalized plan can help you get quick relief while supporting your long-term health.

Neuromodulator Treatments for Dental Care

Neuromodulator treatment pairs botulinum toxin type A with advanced injection techniques to relax facial muscles in targeted areas.

Most people know the treatment for its cosmetic benefits. It smooths out deep lines and facial wrinkles from everyday facial expressions and sun exposure to create a more youthful appearance.

However, that targeted muscle relaxation isn't just suitable for reducing lines and wrinkles — it can help treat dental conditions, too.

What Dental Conditions Can Neuromodulators Treat?

Neuromodulators can have therapeutic properties when used on dental conditions like:

  • Uncontrolled Muscle Spasms or Clenching
  • Teeth Clenching and Grinding
  • Headaches & Chronic Migraines
  • Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ-D)

They can also provide relief for other conditions related to sweat glands and excessive sweating, but here at our Edmonton clinic, we focus on using the injections to support your oral health.

A Minimally-Invasive Solution

People often choose injectables as a way to treat dynamic wrinkles, forehead lines, or crow's feet without going under the knife.

It's the same when it comes to treating dental conditions like TMJ-D or teeth grinding. Aside from some slight bruising, neuromodulator treatments are typically low-risk and have very few side effects.

Compared to some alternatives, they can be an effective way of achieving the desired effect on your health without the risk of surgical complications or the inconvenience of a lengthy recovery.

Protecting Your Comfort & Health

The Oliver Park Dental team is highly-qualified and trained in the administering of neuromodulator injections as a dental treatment.

We'll work with you one-on-one to develop a treatment plan that considers both immediate comfort and long-term health.

That means creating a personalized approach that provides quick relief for pain and other symptoms while also tackling the root causes of your dental challenges.