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Pediatric Dentist Edmonton

Pediatric dentistry is about so much more than just clean teeth — it's about setting your child up for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

We do that by delivering an always-gentle patient experience, by protecting their long-term oral with proactive care, and by helping them build habits that will stick around long after they're all grown up.

Whether it's helping those baby teeth along, or helping your teenager get the coolest smile ever, you can count on us to take care of whatever your kids need.

Children are Important
at Oliver Park Dental

There's a special focus on children at our dental clinic, as their dental care - even more than than adults - is central to their health and emotional well being as they grow up.

A Lifelong Difference

Pediatric dentistry focuses on children from birth through adolescence. Every dental visit matters during these formative years, as great early experiences will help them feel comfortable with their pediatric dentist and dentistry in general!

Our dental office aims to support your child's oral health and educate you on all the pediatric dentistry resources that are available to you both at our childrens dental centre and around Edmonton.

Want Excellent Oral Health? Start Early

It's recommended that a child’s first dental appointment should be within six months after the presence of their first tooth or their first birthday, whichever comes first.

These early exams are essential for protecting your child's teeth, providing essential infant oral care, and planning out which dental services your child will need to enjoy a healthy, great-looking smile in adulthood.

Pediatric Dentistry Made Easy

Guided by our pediatric dentists, you'll learn how to keep an eye on your child's oral health. With that knowledge, you'll be able to correct bad habits before they take root, understand what counts as a true dental emergency, and be prepared for milestones - like baby teeth falling out or the start of orthodontics - in your child's smile journey.

During your child's first few dental visits, our experienced pediatric dental care team will work with you and your child to make sure you both understand the proper techniques for brushing, flossing and using fluoride.

From Infants to Teens:
Complete Pediatric Dental Care

Our aim is to be a pediatric dentist Edmonton families trust for generations, providing family dental services ranging from routine preventive dental care all the way up to complex dental treatments and emergency pediatric dentistry.

Commitment From Comfort

When your child knows they can trust someone to look after their dental health without making them feel uncomfortable, getting them to see the dentist is so much easier.

We make sure your child’s experience is positive, as early dental appointments will shape how your child feels about going to the dentist in the future!

A Fun and Caring Environment

Your child - and you as a parent - will appreciate our kind, calm and inviting offices. The Oliver Park Dental team is friendly, passionate, and well practiced in delivering patient-centered care.

Our team has received specialized training to make sure you and your family always feel comfortable, and they'll go above and beyond to prevent fear or apprehension from being part of the dental experience. We want your whole family to feel comfortable when you visit us - almost like a home away from home.