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Sleep Apnea Edmonton

Has someone close to you told you that you are snoring? Or, do you often find yourself waking up from a sound sleep, gasping for air? If so, our dentist can help you. We understand the causes of obstructive sleep apnea and snoring and, with our top quality patient care, can offer just the right dental solution to stop overnight breathing disruptions and help you enjoy better sleep — no CPAP machine required.

Snoring is No Laughing Matter

People often like to joke about snoring. They may tease you if they find out you snore. But, snoring is not at all funny. Sleep apnea, one of the primary causes for snoring, is a very serious condition, and is one of the most common sleep disorders. It causes gaps in your ability to breathe because your throat muscles collapse and shut off your airway.

The resulting medical problems range from the mildly uncomfortable and annoying to serious, life-threatening conditions — which is why professional sleep apnea testing is so important if you suspect that your health is being affected by this sleep disorder. With options like home sleep apnea testing, getting a qualified assessment from a sleep apnea clinic is more convenient than ever.


Protecting Your Health

By shifting the position of your jaw, a dental-based sleep apnea treatment device lets you breathe clearly all night long. This can:

  • Prevent congestive heart failure, heart attack and stroke
  • Decrease high blood pressure and heart disease risk
  • Reduce symptoms of acid reflux
  • Make it easier to control high blood sugar and body weight
  • Help you overcome impotence
  • Reduce the risk of anxiety, depression, and dementia
  • Reduce the severity of respiratory diseases including asthma
  • Reduce the driving accidents
  • Improve your memory and reflexes
  • Eliminate the clutter and inconvenience that comes with CPAP machines

Custom-Fitting a Sleep Apnea Device

Fortunately, you can avoid the medical problems sleep apnea can cause. We can create and custom-fit a dental device that helps you get the air you need while you sleep. Sleep apnea dental devices provide a quieter, more comfortable alternative to the CPAP therapy machines (short for continuous positive airway pressure therapy machines) that doctors often prescribe to sleep apnea sufferers when they visit a sleep apnea clinic. And, unlike devices you might see online or in-store which haven't been approved by respiratory therapists, the devices we create for you are backed by sleep specialists, custom-fitted, and adjustable to your mouth to ensure your comfort, well-being and safety.


Alleviating Symptoms of Oxygen Deprivation

As you use your professional-quality sleep apnea dental device, you are likely to notice some major changes in your daily comfort. That's because, when you treat obstructive sleep apnea, you can eliminate many health issues that are associated with not getting enough air into your lungs. Painful headaches often disappear if they were caused by lack of oxygen. And with no more gasping or snoring during the night, you can wake up feeling less stressed and anxious.

Keeping You Safer on the Road

Sleep apnea disrupts your deepest, most restful sleep. Because we fully comprehend the ramifications of sleep apnea, we understand why you might have problems with your driving from time to time. You might experience symptoms like slow reflexes and impaired judgment at times, even if you do not realize it at the moment. When this happens, your driving ability can become impaired to the point that you are more likely to have auto accidents. You might even fall asleep while driving if you get tired enough. By working with our Edmonton sleep techs and being fitted with a personalized sleep apnea device, you'll get a better night's rest. So, when you get behind the wheel, you'll be alert and ready to drive safely.


Giving You Quiet, Restful Sleep

In addition to overcoming your medical and safety issues related to sleep apnea, there is nothing quite as refreshing as getting a good night’s sleep. Just like a CPAP therapy device from a sleep apnea clinic, our dentist-approved and custom-fitted dental devices let you achieve the most restful sleep you have had since the symptoms of your sleep apnea started — all without any cumbersome CPAP equipment. That means you get peak sleep, clinic approved care, and better energy levels throughout your entire day.