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5 Facts About Teeth Whitening Treatment

Who doesn’t want white teeth? Your teeth may start becoming yellow or brown for a number of reasons. One is when your tooth enamel begins to erode. Our tooth enamel has pores just like our skin. It may also happen when we consume strong coloured food items such as berries, coffee, wine, etc. it gets absorbed in the pores, thereby causing stains on the teeth. A teeth whitening dentist can help you get rid of these stains. If you are wondering if teeth whitening is useful or not, then we’ve listed down a few facts about this treatment. This will help you to answer most of your queries regarding teeth whitening.


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Sensitivity after teeth whitening is common.

It is natural to feel sensitivity post a teeth whitening procedure. The opening of the pores could make the nerves exposed, and the dehydrating effect of whitening could reduce nerve insulation. It is a temporary discomfort which does not last more than 24-36 hours.

Dental caps and crowns cannot be whitened.

The process of teeth whitening does not work on dental caps and crowns as they are synthetic and do not possess pores. The only option to make them white again is to replace them. If you are in need of a new cap or crown, whiten your teeth before getting them fixed.

Teeth whitening is not permanent.

Tooth whitening procedures are never permanent. The effect of whitening could last for a year or two. To make it last longer, you should opt for better eating habits which could reduce staining. Post whitening care is a must. Avoid food items which cause stain and practice proper brushing and flossing techniques.

Drugstore whitening kits are not the same as a dentist’s whitening treatment.

Active peroxides are used in the tooth whitening substances to bleach the teeth. The amount of active peroxide required by different people is not the same. A drug store kit has a standard amount of peroxide which may not be right for your teeth. A dentist knows the right amount of peroxides to use on your teeth, thereby giving the best result possible.

It is recommended to always take the assistance of a teeth whitening dentist to get the best results. Trying whitening remedies on your own is not always helpful. To whiten your teeth or need to know more about this teeth whitening treatment, book an appointment with us.