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6 Types of Mouthguards

Mouthguards are considered to be an excellent option for people who wish to protect their teeth and gums during athletic and recreational activities. If any type of dental procedure is done, such as you have bridgework in your mouth or braces for your teeth, using a mouthguard becomes even more necessary to protect your teeth from any damage. Different types of mouthguards are available for people with distinct needs. Let us look at some of the common types of mouthguards used.

1) Stock Mouthguards

These mouthguards are premade, ready-to-wear pieces that you can buy from a sports goods or drugs store. Made of rubber or polyvinyl, these pre-formed guards can be bulky, and make breathing and talking difficult as they need to be clenched in place. These mouthguards are easy to wear and remove and are the least expensive options.

2) Boil and Bite Mouthguards

These are one of the most common types of mouthguards used across the globe and can be bought from a drugs store. They are made of thermoplastic. Boil and bite mouthguards need to be placed in boiling water and also molded to the contours of the teeth using the fingers, lips, tongue and biting pressure. These guards can be reheated and refitted if the fit isn’t comfortable initially.

3) Shell Liner Mouthguards

Shell liners are somewhat similar to the boil and bite variant. These mouthguards are lined with acrylic gel or rubber that molds to the teeth and sets to keep its shape. While they do provide a better fit than stock mouthguards, they can be bulky and may not offer complete protection to your jaw structure.

4) Custom-fitted Mouthguards

Although these are the most expensive variants, they are considered to be the best ones as they provide the highest degree of fit, comfort, and protection. You will have to visit your dental clinic to get these mouthguards. The impression of your teeth is taken, and custom-fitted mouthguards are then made at a dental laboratory.

5) Lip Protector

These mouthguards not only cover the upper and lower teeth of the users but also their lips for complete protection. They are ready-made mouthguards that you can buy from any sports accessories and drugs stores. They can be easily popped in and removed from mouth just like the stock mouthguards. However, these lip protectors need to be clenched to keep them in place which makes communication difficult. Lip protectors are ideal for people who have braces and orthodontic spacers.

6) Flavored Mouthguards

These types of stock mouthguards are made with an additive that gives flavor to the mouthguard. Flavored mouthguards come in mint flavor, orange flavor, fruit punch flavor, bubble gum, and many other flavors.

You can talk to our family dentists to decide which one of these types of mouthguards can suit you as per your lifestyle and daily activities. Whether you are an athlete or a person who loves adventure, mouthguards help you protect your jaw structure from any potential damage.