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Botox® is frequently used to cosmetically improve a person’s facial features, however, it can also be used to better your dental health. This is a procedure that our team at Oliver Park Dental offers to all clients looking for dental relief.

Botox®: Not Just Cosmetic

Botox® is not just used for cosmetics alone. Its therapeutic properties can be used on muscular tissues that jerk or clench unwillingly, for teeth clenching and grinding, headaches, TMJ issues, as well as other medical troubles. If you suffer with any of these dental problems, Botox® could be a great treatment for you.

Our team at Oliver Park dental are highly-qualified and trained in the administering of Botox® as a dental treatment. TMJ Disorder, teeth grinding and clenching may cause severe discomfort and damage your teeth. With Botox®, these symptoms are treated to diminish the damaged muscle mass. It’s a helpful procedure that works as an effective therapy.