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What Leads To Cavities? How Can You Avoid It?

Ever noticed blackish grey or brown spots on your teeth or hollow crevices in some corner of your mouth? Those spots and holes are commonly known as cavities. Tooth decays and oral cavities aren’t the same, but the latter one is one stage after unwanted decays. But the causes, the symptoms and the aftereffects of both, cavities and decays are nearly the same. A dentist in Edmonton will suggest to visit him as soon as you experience the symptoms of cavities such as spots, bad breath, sensitivity or receding gums. But what causes these cavities? Here are some of the very common causes of cavities.

Causes of Cavities

  1. Poor dental hygiene such as inadequate brushing and flossing
  2. Excessive consumption of sugary and acidic foods and beverages
  3. Smoking and tobacco consumption
  4. Fluoride deficiency
  5. Lack of saliva formation, also known as a condition called dry mouth (xerostomia)
  6. Depleting tooth enamel
  7. Medical problems such as diabetes and tuberculosis can also contribute to cavities

The best ways to avoid cavities is by avoiding these causes. Here is how you can do it.

How to Avoid Cavity Formation?

Follow Complete Dental Hygiene

Brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice daily with a soft-bristled brush to clean all your interdental spaces. Use a fluoridated toothpaste of a quality brand for brushing. You can also brush your teeth without toothpaste after every meal to eliminate any leftover debris of food. Floss every day with a floss string or tape to avoid your food getting trapped in the oral crevices. And don’t forget to clean your tongue too as the bacteria from the tongue can spread to your dental surfaces and cause plaque growth.

Eat Right

What you eat largely affects your oral health. Avoid having foods rich in carbohydrates and starch as they lead to sticky films on your dental surfaces. This sticky film is nothing but plaque build-up. Limit your sugar and acidic consumption also as the residues of such foods and beverages remain in your mouth and lead to bacterial growth. These bacteria are responsible for most oral problems, especially cavities and decays. Increase the intake of dairy products, leafy vegetables, and foods rich in vitamins A, C, and D, calcium, and proteins.

Avoid Tobacco

Tobacco in any form contains toxic compounds such as nicotine and tar that are abrasive in nature. When smoked or chewed, they react with your chemical and form a paste in the mouth that not only produces unpleasant smells but also breaks down your tooth enamel. Eventually, continuous consumption of tobacco in any form leads to cavities and decays which are very difficult to deal with.

It is vital to take care of your teeth and gums so that they don’t get infected with cavities. Visit your dentist in Edmonton at least twice every year so that he can thoroughly examine your mouth and help you avoid all kinds of dental and gum problems. If you haven’t visited a dentist for a long time, book your appointment with a dentist in Edmonton now.