Why you should get a regular check up from a dentist?

Many people tend to put off visits to the dentist until something is noticeably wrong, such as painful teeth and gums, loose teeth, or visual abnormalities. However, regular visits to the dentist are the cornerstone of good oral health. Failing to keep that upcoming dentist appointment may result in adverse health effects. Here's what seeing a dentist every six months can do for you.

Regular Check Up
  • Preventative Care -

    Your dentist will provide the type of preventative care that can keep dental issues from occurring in the first place. He or she can also craft a customized plan designed to optimize your oral health.

  • Early Diagnoses of Serious Issues -

    A skilled dentist will notice signs of serious illnesses such as oral cancer far before you or your primary physician will. Although oral cancer can become life-threatening if allowed to progress unchecked, it's highly treatable if it's caught in the early stages. Other fledgling issues which your dentist may notice in order to circumvent include the onset of gum disease, broken fillings, tooth decay, and weakened, loose, or impacted teeth.

    Your dentist will also perform a head and neck examination designed to identify potential problems with your jaw, neck, face, and perhaps most importantly, your lymph nodes. Swollen or painful lymph nodes are a possible sign of a variety of different types of cancer, so it's extremely important that they be checked on a regular basis.

  • Regular Cleanings -

    Regular cleanings remove plaque and tartar buildups from your teeth, therefore minimizing your chances of developing tooth decay or gum disease.

    Your dentist will also be able to identify areas where you could improve your home oral care routine. Having your teeth cleaned on a regular basis also helps prevent cavities from developing, and it is much more expensive to have a cavity treated than it is to have your teeth cleaned. As an added benefit, regular teeth cleanings improve your overall appearance.

Keep in mind that it's much easier to keep teeth and gums healty by practicing good oral hygiene as well as visiting your dentist every six months.

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