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4 Things to Know bout Invisalign

Invisalign is a clear plastic pair of aligners that straighten and align crooked teeth. Your dentist may have suggested it to you as an alternative to braces. Invisalign provides several benefits over braces that make it ideal if you have minor to medium-level teeth misalignment. So, if you are planning to get Invisalign Edmonton, then continue reading on to discover four things you should know about it.

Invisalign isn’t for everyone

Although Invisalign has proven itself to be a versatile treatment for teeth alignment, it cannot fix every alignment problem. Invisalign treatment can effectively help if you have gapped teeth due to malocclusions or crooked teeth. But, if you have complex orthodontic problems, such as extremely misaligned, crowded, or crooked teeth, Invisalign won’t be effective. Considering the age factor, Invisalign isn’t meant for children under 12 years of age.

You can live with comfort

Unlike braces, Invisalign is gentle for your mouth. The metal brackets and wires of braces cause wounds on inner cheeks and also irritate the gums. Also, too tight braces can lead to toothaches and even headaches. All these problems are eliminated if you wear Invisalign. The smooth plastic surfaces fit comfortably in your mouth without being too tight for your teeth. Hence, Invisalign Edmonton is a comfortable way to align your teeth.

The treatment is quicker

While dental brace helps fix serious orthodontic problems, Invisalign is opted for to treat simple orthodontic problems. Hence, as a treatment, Invisalign is a much quicker option. A basic to medium level misalignment may take around 12 to 14 months to get corrected with Invisalign.

You can eat and drink freely

Another advantage of Invisalign is that it allows you to eat and drink without any inhibition. This is because you have to remove aligners every time you eat or drink something. This way, there is no chance of any food debris to deposit on the surface or crevices of Invisalign. Invisalign can be removed before eating, and when you are done with the meal, it can easily be slipped back on.

Using Invisalign Edmonton has many benefits such as it lets you eat and drink whatever you want without worrying about cleaning it as they are extremely easy to clean. Visit our dental clinic in Edmonton today to find out if Invisalign treatment is the best option for your teeth alignment or not.